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T.C.G. Services

We deliver the material you need for any home or commercial application. 



If topsoil is needed to create that perfect look, we have got you covered. Our extensive experience has given us access to the most premier soil providers in the state.  Your lawn or garden will burst with color when using our high quality, nutrient rich soils.

Don’t be fooled into purchasing the wrong soil! All too often “dirt guys” promise a high quality top soil only to deliver a high quality fill dirt. They think they can fool the average homeowner because of the soils darker-than-clay appearance. If you are looking to build a truly beautiful landscape, you’ll need to be certain they are using nutrient rich topsoil.

“Topsoil is the exterior most layer of soil. It provides an environment rich in nutrients, minerals and water to plants and crops. The topsoil is also known as the A horizon in soil classification systems. According to "Barron's AP Environmental Science," healthy topsoil should consist of about 45 percent minerals (in combination with clay, silt and sand), 5 percent organic matter, 25 percent water and 25 percent air”. -Natasha Gilani (Nationally Syndicated Writer)

Fill Dirt


Fill dirt is frequently needed to help give a landscape its basic shape. Don't settle for just anything. All fill dirt is not created equal. The last thing you need on your property is material that someone else wanted off of theirs. Be sure your fill dirt is clean of unwanted debris and chemicals. TCG guarantees its fill dirt is completely clean of foreign objects that might affect your landscape years down the road. 



Add a bit of protection and nutrients to your perfectly manicured spaces with a fresh delivery of mulch. Mulch has many benefits including reducing weed growth as well as protecting roots from from the scorching sun during hot Utah summers.  Spread mulch below your trees and shrubs for the finishing touch to your landscape masterpiece. 



To create something beautiful you have to start with a proper foundation. Whether you are creating a gravel drive way or simply looking for some place to park the toys on the side of the house, uniform gravel is a must. Don't spend hours filling a pickup truck by hand, allow us to deliver it right to the spot you need it. Our specialized trucks allow us to maneuver through areas where regular trucks cannot. 


We are yard leveling experts. With almost two decades of yard leveling, or grading, experience we understand the critical factors facing property owners such as water flow, sunlight and aesthetics. For optimum outcomes with vegetation and water usage, allow us to sculpt or level your yard to perfection. A beautiful yard starts with the dirt! If you have a newly constructed home without a yard, call us right away and we'll help you create a wonderful outdoor space to enjoy for years to come. If you have an existing yard that looks a little tired and needs an upgrade, use our money saving tips to transform your yard.

Rock Walls

We believe the most beautiful thing in life, is nature. Natural rock walls add beauty and substance to any location. Ask our representative about adding a natural rock wall to your home or office. You’ll be surprised how affordable they can be.

Concrete Preparation

Concrete is only as good as the preparation of the ground below it. Too many fly-by-night construction crews rush the correct process that is required to have a beautiful, long-lasting concrete driveway or pad.

3-Things to look for when pouring concrete
For the highest quality concrete pour, the homeowner must first look for 3 specific things: Ground, Grade and Gravel

First, Ground: What is below the surface of the ground where I’m about to pour my concrete driveway or pad? Are signs of sub surface water flow visible? Are there any pipes for my home I’ll need to access post pour? What am I about to cover in many inches of concrete?

“The biggest threat to a concrete slab in the garage comes not from what gets built or parked on top, but what might move below. If the soil or base beneath the slab shift or settle, the result can be a cracked slab.” -Jeff Beneke (Syndicated Writer/Educator)

Second, Grade: The grade of the concrete pad is crucial and the grade of the final concrete is dependent on the preparation of the site. If the grade of the concrete is not correct, water will flow in undesired directions to possibly flood the home or office they are attached to. A non-specified grade could pour unwanted water on a neighboring property and cause flooding or erosion over time. Mishaps like these can be costly to correct in the future. If a grade is too great it could be slippery and dangerous. If a grade is flat, the standing water could eventually lead to cracking in the concrete during the winter.

Third, Gravel:  What does the pour site look like? The reason gravel is important is because it will add to or detract from the strength of the concrete poured upon it.

Many contractors will hide unwanted concrete remains or rocks from their job sites under the concrete driveways or pads. Hiding objects or having an uneven base for a concrete location leads to early cracking and deterioration of the site. Its imperative that the gravel or the location where the concrete will be poured is as uniform as possible, giving the concrete the highest probability for strength and longevity. 

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